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Synthetic red iron oxide are the most common oxide colour and have the highest amount of iron. Due to their pure hue, consistent properties, and tinting strength, they have become increasingly important in various fields of applications. They are available commercially as a soft and very fine dry powder made by grinding ore material or heat processing ferrous/ferric sulphate or ferric hydroxide.

Synthetic Red Iron Oxides from Tata Pigments are high-quality which we are dealing inorganic colour pigments with excellent colour stability, light fastness, weather stability and chemical resistance.

Bright Ceiling Coat

We are having good quality product Bureau of Indian Standards licenced product we are dealing for Synthetic Red Iron Oxide. "The quality of product conforms to IS 44:1991 Grade 2.

The Red iron oxide are a highly concentrated dry powder of the finest grade & can be manufactured to any desired different shades from a bright light red at a deep red maroon. Presently, we manufacture the following four popular grades in accordance with the Bureau of Indian Standards Colours IS 5: 1994."

Various grade available:-

IS 445 Venetian Red – 445
IS 446 Red Oxide – 446
IS 473 Gulf Red
IS 449 Dark Purple Brown 449
Other Grades of iron oxide pigments we are dealing
Red oxide 3097
Red oxide 8097
Red oxide 171
Red oxide 445 (micronized
Red oxide T- 110
Red oxide T- 130
Red oxide T-445
Red oxide T- 446
Red oxide T- 473
Red oxide 240 mesh
Red oxide 400 mesh
Red Excel E
Bright red

Application :-

Ideally suited for use in paints & Coatings, rubber, paper, polishing rouge, ceramic, linoleum, wall paper, plastic asphalt, cement colours, mosaic tiles and Construction - flooring. The building materials industry is the biggest user of Iron Oxide Pigments, because of their good disposability and good tinting strength. It’s uses include colouring concrete, mortar, Paving Blocks, Chequered Tiles, Designer Tiles, Stamped Concrete etc.

It is also plays a role in foundry core making and ferrite, which is used by the electronic industries.

Packing - In 25 kg laminated HDPE bags with inner liner inside.