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Hs code 28399090

CALCIUM SILICATE is the chemical compound Ca?SiO?, also known as calcium ortho silicate and is sometimes formulated as 2CaO·SiO?. It is also referred to by the shortened trade name Cal-Sil or Calsil. It occurs naturally as the mineral larnite.

Formula                  : Ca?O?Si

Molar mass            : 172.24 g/mol

Solubility in water : 0.01% (20 °C)

Melting point         : 2,130 °C (3,870 °F; 2,400 K)

Flash point             : Not applicable

Density                  : 2.9 g/cm3 (solid)

Product Type         : Powder

Packaging Size       : 50 kg

Packaging Type      : HDPE Bags

MOQ                     : 50 Kg Bag


As an anti-caking and free flow agents in chemicals, Insecticides/Pesticides and similar powdered materials due to its excellent water/oil absorption.

As a reinforcing agent in rubber

As a functional extender in emulsion paints ensures film smoothness and acts as a buffer against Acidity of the paint system.

As a carrying agent in animal feedstuff, insecticides / pesticides, chemicals due to its very high water absorption capacity, fine particle size and low bulk density.

To control rheological properties in a variety of application.


Adhesives, battery separators, brake linings, paint primers, paper, plasticized PVC, plastisols, polishes, printing inks, sealants and mastics, tabletting and palletizing, textiles and thermal insulation.