Mix Xylene


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Exporter, Importer, Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Supplier of mix xylene based in Tailnadu ,India. Xylene (mix/ortho) is a mixture of three benzene derivatives that is used as a solvent in the printing, rubber, leather and allied industries. Mix Xylene is colorless, sweet-smelling liquid that is very flammable and renowned for its intoxicating properties.Distilled / Recovered Mix Xylene Manufacturer and Supplier based in Tamilnadu States,India.

Product Details:

Usage                   - Industrial
Packaging Type        - Barrels and Tanker
Packaging Size         - 180 kg
Formula              - C8H10
Physical Appearance  - Colorless, Flammable -Liquid
Density               - 0.864 g/mL
Boiling Point            - 138.5 degree Celsius
Flash Point              - 30 degree Celsius
Toxicity                  - Moderate to Low Flammability High.

Area of Application   - Printing, Rubber and Leather Industries Chemical 

Solvent Grade Mixed Xylene is used as a solvent in various industries, such as paints and coatings, printing, rubber & leather, etc. Mixed Xylene is used for various applications. For instance, it is used in to enhance the octane number of gasoline.


Solvet : Orthoxylene is the most preferred solvent in the aromatics range due to its narrow
distillation range, relatively low volatility and high solvency

2. Pesticides: Orthoxylene is used a carrier solvent in many pesticide formulation

3. Paints: Orthoxylene is a preferred solvent in paints as a true solvent in the production of Alkyd and
Amino resins. It is also used in formulations of high quality industrial coatings such automotive,
marine, baking enamels, furniture lacquers and other protective coatings.

4. Printing Inks: Ortho Xylene is used in the manufacture of liquid inks used over a wide variety of                    applications. The good solvency also contributes to consistent tint development and tint stability in the        ink formulations

5. Oil Field Chemicals: High solvency and relatively higher flash point makes OX a prime  Solvent in the             manufacture of Oil field chemicals like Pour Point Depressants etc.