N C Thinner

HS CODE 38140010

N.C. Thinner is Nitro cellulose thinner. It is a mixture of esters, glycol, alcohol, aromatic solvents and ketones suitable diluents to all nitro products. Used for cleaning purpose as well as in paint thinners.

We are dealing top grade NC Thinner, for the dilution of nitrocellulose paints, Also it is recommended to be utilized as a common purpose cleaning agent. Owing to high purity and effectiveness, this is highly preferred by end users and painters. It is carefully formulated for use with Nitro Cellulose Lacquer or Paint. This NC Thinner is mixed to provide instant, fast setting finish with superb flow, Gun gloss etc..,


Quick drying / Superior Clarity / 

Improves smoothness of N.C Paints and thinners

Water White–Transparent / Non-Blooming