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Glycerine Industrial white

Thickening agent in Cosmetics and Foods . Emulsifier and humectant in Cosmetics . Sweetening agent . Plasticizer in Packaging, Paints and Paper industry . Preservative in many industries, such as foods and beverages, etc.

Refined Glycerine

Refined Glycerine is a byproduct from the process of vegetable oils during the manufacture of fatty acids. Grades Offered: CP (Chemically Pure) l IW (Industrial White)


CharacteristicsUnitsChemically PureIndustrial White
     Glycerol (min)%9998
     Relative Density (min)g/cm21.25521.2552
     Fatty Acid & Esters (max)%0.030.03
     Chlorides (max)ppm1060
     Sulphates (max)ppm10- -
     Acraldehyde & Glucose%To Pass the Test- -
     Reducing substances%To Pass the Test- -
     Lovibond colour in 5 ¼" cell      as Y + R (max)Units13.5

Packing : 250 kgs. Net content packed in HM HDPE barrels