Caustic Pottash Flakes


Potassium Hydroxide

HS Code 28152000

Potassium hydroxide is an inorganic compound with the formula KOH, and is commonly called caustic potash. Along with sodium hydroxide, KOH is a prototypical strong base. It has many industrial and niche applications, most of which exploit its caustic nature and its reactivity toward acids.
Formula:        KOH
Molar mass:   56.1056 g/mol
IUPAC ID     :  Potassium hydroxide
Density         :  2.12 g/cm³
Melting point:   360 °C
Boiling point   : 1,327 °C
Soluble in: Water, Alcohol, Glycerol


PC guarantees minimum 90% purity of   KOH 

Caustic Potash Flakes is stable even at 

High Temperatures.
QCD is equipped with most modern instruments to analyze special test on request.

Features :

  • White flaky substance
  • Free from mercury
  • Low iron content
  • High thermal stability
  • Dissolves in water at room temperature
  • Soluble in methanol, ethanol and propanol
  • Absorbs wat
  • USES
    Potassium Carbonate  manufacture Dye Stuff industry
    Rubber Chemicals
    Potassium Permanganate    Manufacture
    Acid Neutralization
    Other Potassium based chemicals
    Food products
    Liquid fertilizers
    Potassium compounds
    Packaging :
    50 Kg. HDPE bags for domestic supplies