Potassium Silicate


HS CODE 28399090

Standard Grade


Colour          :           Clear to whitish viscous liquid
Odour           :           Odourless or slight musty odour
K2O             :           8.30 -12.70 % w/w
SiO2             :           20.8 – 26.50 % w/w
Solids          :           29.0 – 39.20 % w/w
Weight Ratio :           2.10 – 2.50
Molar Ratio  :           3.29 – 3.92
pH               :           11.3 – 11.70
Sp. gravity    :           1.25 – 1.38 at 25 OC


a) Potassium silicate is more soluble and compatible with other ingredients than sodium silicate. It is used in various formulations like heavy duty detergents, soaps, etc.

b) Compared to sodium silicate it does not form white carbonate film – efflorescence – on exposure to atmosphere. This makes them preferred choice in decorative coating, paints, etc.

 c) It is used as binder during production of welding rod, as soft violet flame of potassium is easier to see through during welding compared to blinding yellow flame of sodium.

 d) Potassium silicate is convenient source of potassium for plant nutrients.

 e) As it melts and flows at high temperature, it is used as binder in refractory mortar and specialty cements.

 f) Non tacky property makes it important additive in mortars, acid lining, etc.