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Hs code 31054000

Mono Ammonium Phosphate (Industrial Grade NP 12:52)

Formulation :

H3PO4 + NH3 = (NH4)H2PO4

Mono ammonium phosphate is formed when ammonia gas is added to solution of phosphoric acid and reacted until the desired PH is obtained and solution gets distinctly acidic. End product is in the form of tetragonal prisms.

Best solid granular fertilizer to provide crops with phosphorus and nitrogen that are easy to uptake. These nutrients are vital for quick sprouting and vegetation. The temporary moderate acidification of the soil solution around the fertilizer granule brings the largest effect for nutrition systems on soils with the neutral and faintly alkaline reaction. Ammonia nitrogen contributes to better phosphorus intake by plants

Application :

• Mono ammonium phosphate is used as a baking powder with sodium bicarbonate

• Widely used in fireproofing of paper, wood, fiberboard

• Mono ammonium phosphate is mixed with ammonium sulfate and resultant is  

used in ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers

• MAP is also used in fermentation of yeast

• MAP provides a rich source of phosphate and nitrogen usable by plants helping their growth. It contains relatively less PH than di ammonium phosphate which   suits it best for fertilizer use, reducing the seed damage

 (A)Technical Grade for industrial use, water treatment, enzyme process, several animal feed, buffering agents in several pharmaceutical process, higher agriculture grade fertilizers, and other uses, as well as we manufacture

(B) Pure grade which successfully qualify to all pharmaceutical, AR, Indian Pharmacopoeia, British Pharmacopoeia, United States Pharmacopoeia, Food, Animal Feed, Seafood and laboratory reagent grade standards. This is to meet all the standards of quality in any grade required by customer.

Packing :

• HDPE bag with LDPE liner in 20 kg, 25kg, 40kg and 50 kg

• As per customer’s request