Hydrated Lime Powder


HS CODE:25223000

Color                       White
Packaging               Type  25/40/50 Kgs 
Usage/Application   Industrial
Formula                  Ca(OH)2

Our range of lime powder is also known as hydrated lime or calcium hydroxide or slaked lime that is used in solution as a bleach. Our range is a dry powder that is formulated by controlled slaking of quicklime with water.

We offer the best Quality products of Lime suitable for versatile uses. Consistency in Quality and suitability for customers are the major merits of our products. Our products are available under the following technical specification in which we can make available a different percentage of parameters like moisture, acid insoluble, mesh size, etc. than the one mentioned below according to the needs of customers.

Hydrated Lime having higher percentage of Calcium Hydroxide (+90%) over low grade (65% Purity)Hydrated Lime :

REDUCED REACTION TIME : The rate of chemical reaction depends upon the degree of purity of the Chemical being used. Higher the purity , lesser would be the reaction time .

REDUCED CONSUMPTION : By Quantitative Analysis it is established that 1 M.T. of 90% grade Hydrated Lime is equivalent to 1.378 M.T. of 65% purity Grade . Thus there is a reduction of 37.8% in consumption.

REDUCED HANDLING COST ETC : By using this high purity material , handling charges inclusive manpower can be reduced by 37% due to reduction in consumption . This is a direct saving in labour cost by the same proportion.

REDUCED TRANSPORTATION COST     : Total transportation cost for carrying          Low Grade (65% Purity) Hydrated Lime      = Cost of Carrying 65% Pure material +      Cost of Carrying 35% impure material.
Total transportation Cost for carrying High Grade (90% Purity) Hydrated Lime = Cost of carrying 90 % Pure material +Cost of carrying 10% impure material.

Thus it's clear that with same transportation Cost 25% more pure material / utilizable material can be transported .

LESS STORAGE SPACE : As there will be reduction in consumption ,less Godown space would be required for storage purpose , there by, reducing storage problem & Inventory cost.

MINIMIZED DISPOSAL PROBLEM : Due to less consumption less sludge would be generated, resulting in reduced disposal cost.