HS Code 28353990

Zinc phosphate is an inorganic compound with the formula Zn?(PO?)?(H?O)?. This white powder is widely used as a corrosion resistant coating on metal surfaces either as part of an electroplating process or applied as a primer pigment.

Formula: Zn?(PO?)?
Molar mass: 386.11 g/mol
Melting point: 900 °C
Solubility in water: insoluble
Crystal structure: monoclinic
Density: 3.998 g/cm3

It is commonly used for luting permanent metal and zirconium dioxide restorations and as a base for dental restorations. Zinc phosphate cement is used for cementation of inlays, crowns, bridges, and orthodontic appliances and occasionally as a temporary restoration

Zinc phosphate cement the one of the oldest and widely used cements, and is commonly used for luting permanent metal restorations and as a base. It is a high-strength cement base, mixed from zinc oxide powder and phosphoric acid liquid.

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