Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow

HS CODE 28211010

Having of Industrial grade Micronized " Synthetic Iron Oxide Pigment Powder {Yellow, Red, Orange and Brown }”
Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow is packed in HDPE Laminated bag (24" x 48") with Inner Lining weighing 25 kg. net weight.


Our product Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow have a wide application in Paints, Coatings (Decorative, Protective & Surface Coating), Colorants, Synthetic Enamels, Porcelain Enamels, Primers, Wood Primers, Dry Distemper, Cement Paints, Adhesives, Cement Flooring, Vinyl Flooring, Designer Tiles, Paving blocks. Concrete application. Construction, Cement Colors , Mosaic Tiles, Ceramics, Plastics (Plastics Asphalt), PVC, Rubber products ,Paper, Crayons, Leather, Glazes, Dadoes, Plaster works. Elastomers , Textile, Inks, Fiber, Glass Polishing, Metal Polishing, Rouge Polishing, Optical Lens, linoleum etc . . .


Using "PRECIPITATION METHOD",  Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow in a Eco-Friendly manner & committed to Safety, Health & Environment.


The product Synthetic Iron Oxide Yellow consists of Synthetic Oxides of Iron by chemical reactions and shall be free from salts and impurities to give good shade and strength. The color shall be entirely due to inorganic compounds of Iron and it is Inert in nature.

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