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Tripotassium phosphate, also called tribasic potassium phosphate is a water-soluble salt with the chemical formula K?PO??. Tripotassium phosphate is a strong base

Molar mass: 212.27 g/mol
Formula: K3PO4
Melting point: 1,380 °C
Density: 2.56 g/cm³
ChemSpider ID: 56408
Solubility in water: 90 g/100 mL (20 °C)
Solubility in ethanol: Insoluble


Tripotassium phosphate (Chemical formula: K3PO4) is an ionic salt that dissolves in water. It is utilized as an additive in various foods, due to its properties as a foaming agent, whipping agent and emulsifier. In poultry processing, it can be an antimicrobial agent in conjunction with fatty acids.

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