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We manufacturing Calcium stearate and its is a carboxylate of calcium, classified as a calcium soap. It is a component of some lubricants, surfactants, as well as many foodstuffs. It is a white waxy powder.

Name                   : Calcium Stearate

Mol Formula        :  (C17H35COO) 2Ca

Melting point:       : 155 °C

Molar mass:         : 607.02 g/mol

Registry No.        :  1592-23-0

Merck Index No   :  1750 (12tn Edition)

Beilstein Ref        :  4-02-00-01206

Density:               :  1.08 g/cm³

Solubility in water : 0.004 g/100 mL (15°C)

Solubility: soluble in hot pyridine; slightly soluble in oil; insoluble in alcohol, ether
Appearance: white to yellowish-white powder

Calcium Stearate is an acid scavenger in polymers processing. It is an internal Lubricant in PVC and other polymer processing.


Used in reinforced films
Used as water repellent and flattering agent.
Widely used in rigid PVC, Pipes, suction house, sheets, tubing and release in cosmetics.

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