HS CODE 29157090

 Mol Formula                 : (C17H35COO)3Al

 Mol. Weight                   : 877

 CAS Registry No.          : 637-12-7

 Merck Index No.           : 379 (12tn Edition)

Beilstein Reference      : 4-02-00-01206

Aluminium monostearate is an organic compound which is a salt of stearic acid and aluminium. It has the molecular formula Al(OH)â‚‚Câ‚₈H₃₅Oâ‚‚. It is also referred to as dihydroxyaluminium or dihydroxyaluminium. 


As a waterproofing agent in canvas    coating and cement paints
As an anti-settling agent in paints
As a thickener in greases

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