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Sodium Silicate is a compound mixture of sodium oxide i.e. Na2o with silica sand i.e. Sio2 with water. Sodium silicate is also called water glass.

There are two process to manufacture liquid Sodium Silicate. To manufacture a lower ratio of Sodium Silicate br Hydrothermal process. Mixture of Na2Co3 (Soda Ash) with Sio2 (Silica sand) in furnace fuses of more then 1100° C gives sodium silicate glass in lumps form which is easily dissolved in hot water.

We marketing large range of sodium silicates as per the customer’s specific requirements.

Our Specialty:

We supply both Neutral & Alkaline sodium silicate absolute transparent quality i.e. water white.

Range of Products:
Sodium Silicate liquid both Neutral & Alkaline. We are trading large range of Sodium Silicate both in Neutral and Alkaline grade of the typical qualities. We also marketing Sodium Silicate as per the customer’s requirements and specification.

Sodium Silicates Concentration Mole Ratio Baume
Alkaline Sil 40 - 54 % 2.1 to 2.6 45 - 57
Neutral Sil 27 - 39 % 3.0 to 3.5 30 - 41.5

Description :

Liquid Sodium Silicate Neutral Basic Special-spec

SiO2  (%) 26 MIN 29.2 MIN 25.7 MIN
Na2O (%) 8.2 MIN 12.8 MIN 10.2 MIN
Be 38-42 38-54 44-46
Fe (%) 0.02 MAX 0.02 MAX 0.02 MAX
Module (M) 3.1-3.4 2.2-2.5 2.6-2.9
Water Insoluble Matter (%) 0.2 MAX  0.2 MAX  0.2 MAX
Solid Sodium Silicate Neutral Basic Special
Sodium Silicate (%) 99MIN 99MIN 99MIN
Fe(%) 0.036MAX 0.021MAX 0.025MAX
Module (M) 3.1-3.4 2.2-2.5 2.6-2.9

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