HS CODE 28417020

sodium molybdate, Na?MoO?, is useful as a source of molybdenum. It is often found as the dihydrate, Na?MoO?·2H?O. The molybdate(VI) anion is tetrahedral. Two sodium cations coordinate with every one anion.
Molar mass: 205.92 g/mol
Formula: Na2MoO4
Melting point: 687 °C

Available in Pure Grade as well as Technical Grade


Sodium molybdate is commonly used as a metal corrosion inhibitor for iron and steel, and is commonly found in water treatment products like chiller systems, where bimetallic design and construction can raise the risk of metal corrosion.USES

Sodium molybdate is particularly popular among farmers who primarily focus on legumes like lentils, beans, alfalfa, and peanuts. It helps with the uptake of nitrogen, ensuring efficient nitrogen-fixing for these plants, and allowing nitrogen to be synthesized into ammonia and essential amino acids

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