Sodium Hydro sulphite (SHS), is used for dissolution of Vat Dyes, for reduction clearing of dyed synthetic fabrics/yarns, for cleaning the dye-soiled dyeing machines, for stripping fabrics before re-dyeing, as bleaching aid in wood pulp (Paper) and for bleaching of clay.

Application Industries
Reducing Agent Stabilised Hydrose for reduction of Metal lons to Metals, Disulphide linkage in wool hair, Nitrogen compounds.
Pharmaceuticals Chemical reaction, De-Coloring final product.
Polymer Oxygen Scavenging agent
Textile Dyeing, Printing & Stripping of VAT dyes
Paper Sodium Hydrosulphite (Hydros)and Stabilised Blends(”Hy-Brite”) are used for bleaching of grounded wood pulp and de-inking of recycled papers

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