HS CODE 28352990

Sodium aluminium phosphate describes the inorganic compounds consisting of sodium salts of aluminium phosphates. The most common SAlP has the formulas NaH??Al?(PO?)?·4H?O and Na?H??Al?(PO?)?. These materials are prepared by combining alumina, phosphoric acid, and sodium hydroxide.

Chemical formula: NaH14Al3(PO4)8·4H2O
Solubility in water: insoluble
Solubility: soluble in HCl
Molar mass: 144.943 g/mol
Abbreviations: SALP, SAlP


Sodium aluminum phosphate is an ingredient commonly found in baking powders and processed cheeses. In baking powders, bakers use it as an acid that provides the baked goods' chemical reaction needed to rise. Sodium aluminum phosphate reacts with heat and the other leavening ingredients to allow baked goods to rise.

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