Optical Brightners

High performance Optical Whitening Agents(OBA), Fluorescent Brightening Agents (FBA) or Fluorescent Whitening Agents (FWA) and their intermediates. 

We offer different types of Optical Brightening Agents suitable for Cellulose , Nylon , Polyester, Silk, Wool, Paper, Detergents, Soaps, Plastics, Printing Inks, Coatings and Polymers. 

Our Optical Brighteners is classified as three sulfonic groups: 

Disulfonic : Contains of two sulfonic acid groups and are suitable for hydrophobic fibers (nylon, silk & wool) application in Acidic pH. 

Tetrasulfonic : Contains four sulfonic groups and has very good solubility. They are ideal for cellulosic fiber and paper application at neutral or alkaline pH. 

Hexasulfonic : It has six sulfonic groups and has excellent solubility for surface coating application like photographic paper. 

Major products can be customized as per customer's needs i.e. Strength (E Value) and Active concentration (% of active part). 
Just contact us for discuss precise requirements and obtain advice on which products are required to suit your exact needs. 
For further information on Chemical Properties, MSDS, CAS no, CI no, EINECS(EC) no, REACh and other regulatory issues contact us on contact@pentagonchemical.com

Product (Phase) Colour Index Applications
ONEWHITE AS (Liquid) OBA 253 Paper
ONEWHITE 2B (Powder) OBA 24 Paper / Textiles
ONEWHITE BOP (Powder) OBA 24 Paper / Textiles
ONEWHITE UP (Liquid) OBA 154 Paper / Textiles
ONEWHITE SI (Liquid) OBA 220 Paper / Textiles
ONEWHITE BBU (Powder) OBA 220 Paper / Textiles
ONEWHITE BSU (Liquid) OBA 264 Paper / Textiles
ONEWHITE KPL (Powder) OBA 184 Plastic / PVC / PP
ONEWHITE PLS (Powder) OBA 393 Plastic / PVC / PP
ONEWHITE BA (Powder) OBA 113 Textiles
ONEWHITE BAL (Liquid) OBA 113 Textiles
ONEWHITE NYR (Liquid) OBA 134 Textiles
ONEWHITE NYR (Powder) OBA 134 Textiles
ONEWHITE GRE (Powder) OBA 185 Textiles
ONEWHITE WHN (Powder) OBA 253 Textiles
ONEWHITE MST (Liquid) OBA 253 Textiles
ONEWHITE BMF (Liquid) OBA 263 Textiles
ONEWHITE DMX (Powder) OBA 71 Detergent / Textiles
ONEWHITE DT (Powder) OBA 351 Detergent / Textiles
ONEWHITE OPS (Powder) OBA 28 Detergent
ONEWHITE DDP (Powder) OBA 228 Detergent
ONEWHITE PPE (Powder) OBA 339 Detergent

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