Rust Remover are very effective in removing rust, scales, We are Manufacturing  of Rust Remover and Supplier of Rust Remover, Derusting chemical welding scales besides removing thin film of oil and grease. It is not desirable to treat metals in hydrochloric acid to remove rust. Derusting chemicals is relatively safe chemicals for chemical cleaning, since the product has been formulated wholly with environmental safe acids. Rust Remover are effectively used as pickling agents. Our product ranges are given below:-


PENTA  D RUST 30                 MILD DE RUSTER

PENTA  D RUST 40                 HEAVY DERUSTER

Our Rust Remover will not produce any corrosive fumes and does not pollute the atmosphere

It Will not affect the Base product

It will meet all drawback of hydrochloric acid

It is User Friendly

Rust Remover for both ambient and hot condition

Phosphoric acid based rust remover

Pickling chemicals for Stainless Steel Surfaces

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