HS code 29181400

We are having Citric acid Monohydrae as well as anhydrous powder

Product Characters:White Crystalline Powders, Colorless Crystals or Granules

Executive Standards:BP/USP/FCC/E330/GB1886.235-2016

Packaging :plastic woven bag, 25kg net composite paper-plastic bags or 3-ply kraft paper bags with PE liner,500kg or 1000kg net PP woven Jumbo bags

Storage :kept in a light-proof, well-colsed,dry and cool place

Main Usage:Citric Acid is mainly used as acidulant, flavoring agent, preservative and antistaling agent in food and beverage industry, it is also used as antioxidant, plasticizer and detergent in chemical, cosmetics and cleaning industries.

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