HSN CODE 28191000

Formula        : H2CrO4

IUPAC ID    : Chromic acid

Molar mass  : 118.01 g/mol

Density        : 1.2 g/cm³

Boiling point : 250 °C

Soluble in     : Water, Alcohol

Ph level        : 3.03

High purity Chromic Acid is used in to manufacture metal and plastic coatings to produce a strong, tarnish-resistant, chrome finish. It finds applications in many industries including in the manufacture of appliances and automobiles.

It is also used as a wood preservative for marine pilings, telephone poles, landscape timbers and other industrial wood applications. Being a strong oxidizing agent, it also finds applications in organic synthesis and for preparation of other chrome chemicals of analytical grades.

Appearance  Reddish to dark brownish flakes

Colour of solution  Reddish


Chromic acid is an intermediate in chromium plating and is also used in ceramic glazes, and colored glass.

It can be used to clean laboratory glass ware, particularly of otherwise insoluble organic residues

Chromic acid has also been widely used in the band instrument repair industry, due to its ability to “brighten” raw brass.

As wood preservative

A strong oxidizing agent finding application in organic synthesis.

For preparation of other chrome chemicals of analytical grades.


25 kg, 50 kg  and 250 kg steel drums with locking ring.


Store in cool and dry places and tightly closed.

Keep away from sunlight and heat sources.- Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place away from combustible materials.


It is very harmful to skin and eye. After contact with skin and eye wash immediately with water

Avoid breathing the dust.

Don’t ingest & don’t breathe gas/fumes/vapors/spray

Wash hands and legs thoroughly after handling.

Never add water to this product.

In case of sufficient ventilation wear suitable respiratory equipments.

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