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Mix Xylene

We have been supplying mix Xylene .  Xylene refers to the group of three benzene derivatives used as solvents in several industries, such as leather, printing and rubber. It is a colorless chemical with sweet smell and is highly inflammable. Because of their intoxicating nature, xylene is also used as an inhalant drug. In addition, it is known as a cleaning agent for steel, silicon wafers and chips. This solvent can be found in small quantity in airplane fuel and gasoline.

Chemical Specifications:

Appearance           : Clear Liquid free of sediments
Relative Density    : 865 – 0.877 @ 15.5o C
Color                     : 20 max, pt-Co scale
Distillation Range  : 137 - 1430 C
Dry Point               : 1430 C max.
Acid Wash Color    : 6 max
Acidity                   : Not Detected
Cu Corrosion         : Pass IA
H2S or SO2            : Not Detected
Composition (GC)

Total Aromatics     : 99.0 wt % max
Benzene                 : 0.5 wt% max
Toluene                 : 1-0 wt% max
Ethyl Benzene        : 45-60 wt% max
O/M/P Xylene        : 45-55 wt% max
C9 Aromatics         : 2-0 wt% max
Non Aromatics       : 2-0 wt% max
Flash Point             : 260 C min

Ortho Xylene

RM Product Manufactured End use application
• Phthalate Plasticizers (DOP, DIOP, DBP) for flexible PVC
• Alkyd Resins for paints & printing inks
• Dye stuff
• Unsaturated Polyester Resins

OX 3,4 Xylidine Used in the manufacture of vitamin B2.   O Tolune Acid Drugs

1. Solvent : Orthoxylene is the most preferred solvent in the aromatics range due to its narrow
distillation range, relatively low volatility and high solvency

2. Pesticides: Orthoxylene is used a carrier solvent in many pesticide formulation

3. Paints: Orthoxylene is a preferred solvent in paints as a true solvent in the production of Alkyd and
Amino resins. It is also used in formulations of high quality industrial coatings such automotive,
marine, baking enamels, furniture lacquers and other protective coatings.

4. Printing Inks: Ortho Xylene is used in the manufacture of liquid inks used over a wide variety of                    applications. The good solvency also contributes to consistent tint development and tint stability in the        ink formulations

5. Oil Field Chemicals: High solvency and relatively higher flash point makes OX a prime  Solvent in the             manufacture of Oil field chemicals like Pour Point Depressants etc.

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