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Formula : MgSO4

HS Code :28332100

We offer our Customers magnesium sulphate heptahydrate a high range of quality products free flow white crystals which can be applicable in agriculture industry field for rectifying the magnesium deficiency in soil. Following are the general specifications of magnesium sulphate heptahydrate manufactured by us:

MgSO4 • 7H2O: Magnesium Sulphate / Epsom salt is 100% water soluble fertilizer, use in shortages in normal conditions farms. Use our product after a soil test or tissue analysis for better result and Quick acting fertilizer. Mixed with pesticides or liquid fertilizers, our product is very pure and excellent.

Epsom Salt contains 9.8 percent magnesium and 12.9 percent sulfur. Magnesium Sulfate can be applied at 100 liters per acre or 250gms per 50 sq. ft. (2 - gms per lit of water).  Activate enzyme systems of plant and Enhances colors of flowers. Production of Protein and transport

The sugars containing sucrose to the leaves -> fruits, treats of nutrient deficiencies. More than 10% of yield increases on this year


Done in 25 & 50 kg laminated strong woven HDPE / PP bags

Can also be packed in jumbo bags of 1 MT capacity as per customer’s requirements


Agriculture: As a micro nutrient

Process industry: As a catalyst

Animal health & Feed: As a dietary supplement and laxative

Detergent industry


Textile industry

Ceramic industry

Fire proof materials

Paper industry

Cosmetic industry

Details for Magnesium Sulphate are as follows

White crystal, oblique crystal

Molecular formula: MgSo4.7H2O

Molecular weight: 246.47

It also can be used as fertilizer in agriculture and

feedstuff additives in various industry like medicine,

papermaking & Ceramic Marbles.

Standard Specification of  Magnesium Sulphate

Purity as MgSo4 7H2O                      > 99% to 99.5%

Magnesium Sulphate as MgSo4        > 48.5%

Magnesium Oxide as Mgo                 > 16% to 17%

Magnesium as Mg                              > 9.6%

PH of 5% aqueous solution                7 + 0.5

Sulphates of K and Ca                                    < 0.1% each

Chlorides of K and Ca                                    < 0.1% each

Chlorides of Cl                                   < 300 ppm

Heavy metals as Pb                            < 2 ppm

Arsenic as As2O3                               < 2 ppm

Iron as Fe                                            < 0.20 ppm

Calcium as Ca                                    < 300 ppm


Our quality check process starts right from the checking of quality of Raw materials. Quality check expert makes in detail check of the raw material received based on several parameters and if satisfied Invoice entry is done. Composition and Mixing of raw materials are done and then batch wise required tests are conducted under the supervision of experts in In-Plant QC Lab. On special request from the client end third party tests are also conducted.



•           ISO 9001:2008

•           CHEMEXCIL


We get the packaging done in25 Kgs, and 50 Kgs laminated PP / HDPE as well as JUMBO Bags of capacity 1200 kgs based on the requirement of the client. Packing in Buyers’ Branded bags also can be provided if requested by clients.

A well defined Quality Assurance System is activated in our company which alerts us if there is any problem in the Chemical manufacturing process or even in the quality of raw materials. This helps our team in taking on spot preventive measures for resolving the issue under supervision of experts. All essential steps which need to be followed by our team are all documented properly for training and instructing the workforce about how to attain the objectives defined for the quality assurance system. Our control system completely assures about the maintaining of quality and standard of the varieties of Magnesium Sulphate (is normally known as Epsom Salt) and Magnesium Oxides manufactured by us.

Based on the quality control system parameters we make an in depth checking of both raw materials as well as of the finished Goods. We make the through testing of all the raw materials before the materials are send for using in the process of chemical making.

Our expert team at regular intervals goes for quality check and testing of the finished goods. The resting is done on following 3 parameters:

•           Purity plus other parameters

•           Packing

•           Logistic

The range of purity for Magnesium Sulphate from our company is not less than 99.5% on the other hand the range of purity for Magnesium Oxide ranges right from 65% till 85%. Depending on our strong policy related to quality we are in a strong position to reduce the percentage of errors if any in our process of manufacturing chemicals and thereby reducing the wastage of time as well as materials used in the production.

Our strong policy helped us in reducing the percentage of complaints from clients and improving the overall process of the manufacturing technique.




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