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Powder Defoamer-Silicone Based

Additive 5154

Additive 5154 is Effective Defoamer in Powder Form. It not only burst the Foams but controls re-generation of Foam. It is ideally suitable for product supplied in Dry Form.

Technical Data :
Appearance White Powder
Odour Mild Peculiar
Specific Gravity 0.95 Approx.
Flash Point Not Applicable
pH Not applicable
Melting Point Not Applicable
Solubility Partially soluble in water

Dose Level :
  • Being very effective just 0.1 to 0.3% is sufficient to Defoam and control re-generation of Foam.
  • However, it is suggested to determine Final Dose Level by conducting Trials at user’s end.

Applications :
  • Putties
  • Leveling compounds
  • Screeds
  • Mortars
  • Joint fillers
  • Powder Paints
  • Construction Adhesives
  • Starch
  • Cement
  • Gypsum
  • Chemical Processing
  • Agro Chemicals
  • Pesticides
  • Pulp & Paper Processing
  • Powder Based Products tends to Foam on application.

Economy Silicone Emulsion Defoamer


Additive 5523

Add-Eco 5523 is Low Solids – Good Efficiency Economy Defoamer. It is an emulsion of Activated Silicone Oil with blend of proprietary surfactants.

Technical Data :
Appearance Viscous Flowing Emulsion
Colour Translucent to Milky white
Type of Emulsion Nonionic
Specific Gravity 0.99± 0.05
pH of 2% Solution 7.0±1
Flash Point Not Applicable
Diluent Water

Dose Level:
0.3 to 1.0% is sufficient to burst the Foam. However, final dose level will vary depending upon type & quantity of Foaming Surfactant present in the system. It is suggested to determine Final Dose Level by conducting Trials.

Applications :
  • Pulp & Paper Processing
  • Printing Inks
  • Paints
  • Latex Emulsions
  • Latex Binders for Carpets
  • Adhesives
  • Paper Coating Operations
  • Lubricating Oil Industry
  • Textile Finishes
  • Water Treatment
  • Effluent Plants
  • Vat Dyes
  • Aqueous Pesticides
  • Fertilizer

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