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Calcium Chloride Fused

The wording Calcium Chloride fused is loosely used for Calcium Chloride having various amount of water with CaCl2 around its dihydrate  formula i.e. CaCl2-2H2O and it is ideally having 75.5%  Calcium Chloride with water as shown below:

Ca(40) +  Cl2(71) + 2H2O(36) make % of CaCl2 in it as 36/(40+71+36) = 75.51%

It is important for the user of Calcium Chloride fused to understand this'

First stage at which manufactured Calcium Chloride, CaCl2 is available is of Calcium Chloride Solution say of 30-35%. On further evaporation it can be converted to Calcium Chloride Dihydrate Crystals or Calcium Chloride Fused.

Calcium Chloride Dihydrate is having a melting point of 176C or there about. When its solution is evaporated in bottom fired open pans. There is a percent gradient in the mass due to bottom heating and top cooling. The material becomes fluffy and semi-solid at about 72% CaCl2. If the material is discharged at this point we can call this material as Solid Fused Calcium Chloride.

Calcium Chloride Fused Solid Specifications

Assay 72-75%
Appearance White Lumps (Powder not offered)
Magnesium 0.3% max
Iron 100 ppm max
Dry Basis Assay 98% min
Packing 50 Kgs. HDPE bag with HMHDP liner or as required by the buyer

If the evaporating solution is not discharged at a little over 72% assay. It evaporates further to a mass at >176C and solidifies when the assay is >77%. If the material is discharged at this point we can call this material as Porous Fused Calcium Chloride.

Calcium Chloride Anhydrous 90-95% Powder


Oil-well drilling & completion Road stabilizer and Cement & concrete additive.De-inking & Food Processing.Agriculture & Construction.Dust suppressant & Tire weighing.Refrigeration, Freeze proofing &  thawing coal.Industrial waste water treatment.


Available in 50 kg bag for the following

Powder Specification

Assay as Cacl2                90-94%
Matter insoluble in H2O (wt%) 9.4  
MgCl2 in %                    Max 0.5  
Alkalinity as Ca(OH)2         0.02  
PH of 5% solution at 25oC     8.0  
Iron content by wt % 0.001    0.001  
Solubility in water at 25oC   75g/100ml  


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